The Best Parks and Museums Located In Littleton, CO

5- Best parks and museums to visit in Littleton Co

The city of Littleton Co. is known for its cultural and outdoor activities. These activities have helped in holding the residence together as well as attracting visitors from all walks of life. Whether you are a residence or you are on family vacation, or you are looking for adventure there will always be something to do here in this city. One of best facilities that are experiencing a high number of visitors is parks and museums in Littleton city. Therefore, we are going to study the best parks and museums that one can visit in Littleton Co.

1. Littleton Museum

This farm is known for its diversity in varieties of animals it has. Most visitors have rated it as the cleanest museum and therefore it is experiencing raise on visitors due to its cleanliness. Some of the animals it has include sheep’s, pigs, peacocks, Turkeys, Donkeys among others. They have resources to educate you about the history of the museum and that of animals and their characteristics. This place is an ordeal for both children and adults who have the spirit of adventure. After visiting the first time, you will go back there severally because the place is fantastic and the animals are amazing.

2. Carson nature center park

This park is also known as south Platte park, and it is located in the city of Littleton Co. It is recommended to those who want to have bike runners or walkers and runners because it has miles of gravel road for this kind of adventure. It is situated at the premises of city and lies in 880 acres of land. There is also five lakes within the park and visitors can enjoy fishing adventure in the lakes. There is also hundred of wildlife that visitors can watch and learn more about. There is a lot of visitors who come here during weekends, and therefore it is advisable to visit during weekdays for maximum enjoyment.

3. Robert Clement Park

This is most utilized park by the community and it is usually opened throughout the year. It has open playing ground and comprises of athletics fields and shelters safe for a picnic. It is, therefore, a destination for those who want to engage in sports. It has a magnificent lake, and consequently, it is an ordeal for those who want to enjoy fishing. However, fishing activity is only allowed to those with the license of fishing. The park is situated opposite to Columbine high school which was massacred twenty years ago. There was a memorial statute which was set at the park in remembrance of teachers and students who lost their lives as a result. Whenever you are near Littleton Co., make a point of visiting this park as it is exciting and full of fun

4. Hudson Gardens

Hudson gardens are located in thirty Acres of land, and it is a public place not meant to make a profit. It is located in the south of Platter River in Littleton city. It was initially a private land for a king known as Leigh Hudson hence its name. It is open throughout the year and visitors are not required to pay any fee during November to April. It offers different and promotional concerts every year.

5. Old Colorado city center museum

This is a good place for family gathering, business meetings, social events, weddings and anniversaries. They have workshops which are fitted the modern tables and chairs to make the event successful. They also have historical resources of the people who were among the first to Littleton and therefore its ordeal for those who want to learn some history. Their charges are competitive, and therefore it is recommendable that you visit this site once you are in Littleton Co.

These are among the best parks and museums in the Littleton city. Book yourself in one of them which matches your adventure and you will not regret