2018 Must See Landmarks In Littleton, CO

Oh Littleton! This city is beautiful and has attractions that have brought in so many tourists across the world in Colorado. It has a history that goes back to the Peak Gold Rush in 1859. The city currently holds a population of 45,000 people. The landmarks are pleasing to the eye and the climate itself is friendly. Getting around the city is also not difficult. This is why we compiled this article for you, giving you the best landmarks you must see while in Littleton, CO. Let’s have a look!

1. Big Dry Creek Trail

This creek is helpful for skaters, cyclists and equestrians of all kinds of abilities and ages. It is 10 inches wide and has a 5.4 multi-purpose trail connector. Its trail gives access to other amenities that are metro wide such as Sandburg Elementary Schools, Littleton High School, South Glenn Library and South Suburban Parks District Head Facility. In addition, it connects you to Cornerstone Regional Park, Progress Park and some recreational facilities such as picnic areas, baseball fields and ice areas. You can also get access to Carson Nature Center and Hudson Gardens within a mile of Big Dry Trail and Mary Carter Greenway.

2. Writer Vista Park

Writer Vista Park is a beautiful walk that is shaded on a greenbelt next to a horse property found on the east and sub divisions on the west of the canal. The landscape gives a spectacular view of the rural area from a distance which you can see as you walk along the park’s trail. You can also have a view from benches that are strategically placed in position that you can have better views. Some benches are also placed in the shade. The park’s canal banks are maintained properly and are grassy along the thick willow stands that germinate when the shade is not enough.

3. Littleton Museum Littleton

A museum is a place that brings with it a lot of fun. You can visit a museum with your whole family. Littleton museum is a museum found in Littleton, CO which has two farms with are full of animals, a schoolhouse and also blacksmiths. Blacksmiths in these farms make a number of tools and they enlighten you about their roles. The workers in the farms only grow food from the era of 1800 to 1900. They dress in attires that were worn during those times. There is no admission fee to the museum and there are great displays to see for free. In case you visit the museum during the Holiday Festival, you will be in for an amazing adventure. You will enjoy hot beverages, stories, wagon rides and stories about the museum. This is something you do not want to miss!

At the end of the day

Life is short and it has to be enjoyed. If you want to visit Colorado, ensure that you make a point of visiting the attractions we listed above. Apart from seeing the spectacular attractions, you will also enjoy other amenities such as food from the various restaurants that the city has. Therefore, the next time you plan for a trip to Littleton ,CO, visit one of the attractions and have the utmost fun. Do not forget to take pictures!