Top 5 Things You Can Do In Littleton To Have Fun In 2018

Maybe you are in Littleton for a vacation, or business. Maybe you just decided on that once-in-a-lifetime road trip with friends and Littleton happens to be one of your stops. Either way, Littleton, Colorado is just one of those places you won’t forget visiting. Littleton is a small city and if you stick to indoors and office blocks, you can quickly get bored. However, the city has its secret charms, places that can only be uncovered if you make that little effort to go treasure hunting. If you don’t have the time to get acquainted, I have narrowed down five things that will make your weekend in Littleton memorable.

1. Chatfield State Park

First of all, I don’t think there is anything you cannot do in this huge park. In the park’s center is Chatfield Reservoir, an over 10002 Km of theblue lake being fed by the South Platte River. You can go cruising around in a boat in the sunset and take the most beautiful photos of your life. You can go hiking or biking or you can just camp out, listen to over 300 hundred bird species and pretend you won’t have to work again in your life.

2. Littleton Museum

Now, this is not a place you want to miss for anything, I mean you don’t have to be a history geek to fall in love with this journey back to the eighteenth century. Haven’t you ever thought about time-travelling in the past just to get a feel of what life used to be? I know I have. The museum is a farm, it has the typical historic exhibit inside. Outside are cottages and living structures belonging to different periods of time which shaped the history of Littleton.

3. Damascus Grill

You must like the sound of that if you love eating out and enjoying foreign cuisines. Like you guessed, Damascus Grill is a Syrian restaurant and if you like Hummus or Pita or roasted lamb with lots of spices, then this is the place to knock yourself out. This place is usually packed, so nighttime would be the best time to enjoy a slow meal.

4. Deer Creek Canyon

You can bike or hike the trails of Deer Creek Canyon but one fact still remains, it would be a time of your life. The main track follows a stream way up but there many branch-offs and the scenery is breathtaking. There is plenty of wildlife as well from Deer to Turkey. You can choose to hike or go on horseback down the three major trails, one heading down the mountainside to South Valley Park and the other two which will lead you to the Plymouth Mountain.

5. Shopping in Downtown Littleton

You are certainly no done with Littleton until you wander off to the single lane streets of downtown Littleton checking around the unique niche shops. Downtown Littleton is a shopper’s haven with a little bit of everything, from clothing boutiques to antique shops. If you are wondering just how to spend an idle afternoon in Littleton, then downtown Littleton is the perfect place.